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My artistic pursuits began in the 1980s at the University of Houston where I accidentally took both a lithography and an etching class with Malinda Beeman. Today I’m a member of the Art Tribe (a group of underground artists) and the Art4Justice collective.

My work is best described a ABSTRACT ACTIVISM –  an extension of my interest in social justice, sustainability, inclusivity, as well as revolutionary music, history and literature.

I spent my formative years in New Delhi, India – before moving to the U.S. in 1980. Over the years I have travelled/lived in the following countries: India, USA, Italy, Germany, France, Austria, Luxembourg, Switzerland, England, Scotland, Wales, and Romania.  In the US I’ve lived in Texas, Colorado, California, Washington State and Florida.  I’m still actively involved with the $300 House Project.

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    I appreciate the vibrancy of your artwork – which has the seriousness of art-study and the joy of art-play! Thank you for the values which you express and invite us all to share.

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