Artist Statement

Ain’t nobody got time for that.

What I mean is that with the world crashing around us, the only artist statement I can make is that I stand with Nature and its ecosystems.

Civilization has failed us. Religion has failed us. Politics has failed us. Governments have failed us. And we have failed ourselves.

If we tell the truth, we only have to lie once. The only truth left is the truth of concrete action – one person helping the next.

How does this view translate to art, specifically abstract art?  That’s the purpose of abstract activism.

But life is not simply about baking cakes.

Picasso used to say: “There are painters who make themselves a little cake mold, and then they bake cakes. Always the same cakes. You can try anything in painting, provided you never do it again. Don’t sell yourself anything. Don’t become your own connoisseur.”

My goal is to go where the brush leads me.

— Christian Sarkar


An Interview (from AltermodernIndia, 2014)

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    Excellent artist’s statement, the best I have read in a long time: concise, precise and accurate; complimenti!

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