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I started painting in early childhood with a circle of close friends in India. My formal – it that’s the word  – art studies began at the University of Houston in the 1980s where I took both a stone-lithography and an intaglio class with Malinda Beeman.


I spent my formative years in New Delhi, India – before moving to the U.S. in 1980. Over the years I have lived in three continents.  I’m involved with the following activist projects:

My past work has been described as abstract activism –  an extension of my interest in social justice, sustainability, inclusivity, as well as revolutionary music, history and literature.

All art is political, especially when it is not. I’ve also been categorized as an altermodernist – which is alright by me. Learn more:

I’m a founding member of the Art4Justice collective, an underground art group in Texas.


Regeneration: The Future of Community
co-authored with Prof. Philip Kotler and Enrico Foglis
(publisher: IDEA BITE PRESS)



Brand Activism: From Purpose to Action
co-authored with Prof. Philip Kotler
(publisher: IDEA BITE PRESS)


INCLUSIVITY: Will America Find Its Soul Again?
co-authored with Prof. Michael Gordon


COMING SOON (a bit less abstract):



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    I appreciate the vibrancy of your artwork – which has the seriousness of art-study and the joy of art-play! Thank you for the values which you express and invite us all to share.

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